This page provides parents with key information about systems used at St Peters Lutheran College.  The document below provides an introduction to our main systems and the video gives a more detailed orientation of functionality and common uses.

The Firefly theme has been recently updated and still being finalised. Support resources will updated once the change is complete.

Quick Guide to St Peters Online

Navigating St Peters Online - Video Orientation for Parents 

This video introduces parents to some of the key online systems they will use while their child is at St Peters Lutheran College. These systems include:, my student account, online payments, Synergetic Community Portal and the College’s Learning Management System, Firefly.

You can use the chapter markers below to skip to a specific section. 

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:39 – Logging in 
  • 02:28 – 
  • 03:51 – My Student Account 
  • 06:22 – Online Payments 
  • 09:23 – Synergetic Community Portal 
  • 15:28 – Firefly Learning Management System 
  • 19:48 – Using Firefly in the Primary Years 
  • 21:39 – Using Firefly in Secondary 
  • 25:30 – Other Firefly advice 
  • 26:45 – The St Peters App 
  • 27:26 – Conclusion