Locating the Student Report

Student reports can be located in either Firefly or the Community Portal.

  • Firefly allows both parents and students to view the reports. 
  • Community Portal has parent access only.

Finding the Student Reports in Firefly

Depending on your school, reports are being published to Firefly. 

Log in with your parent account to Firefly

  • Locate the Your Child or Your Children tab at the top of the Dashboard
  • Navigate down the page for the report

If you have more than one child, you will need to select the relevant child's name

  • Select 'View Report’ or 'See More Reports' depending on how long your child has been at the College.

Locating the Student Reports in the Community Portal 

Parents are now will be able to access past reports and download them from the Community Portal.

The Community Portal has a variety of tabs (e.g. Docs = Reports, Timetables and your child’s teachers and contacts for them, the ability to update your personal details and more).

You will find the link to the Community Portal on the Firefly Parent Dashboard.

    Scroll down the page until you come to the Navigational Tiles or Quick Links.

    Sign into the Community Portal with your ID and password (the same ID as Firefly).

    Click on the Reports tab in the  Community Portal and you will see the page below.