This page is designed to assist you to navigate Firefly and has information related to FAQ about Firefly and resources.  

N.B. Some of the pages below are only accessible if you have permission to view the page.

Firefly and  The Community Portal use the same parent ID number and password.

Where Do I Locate?

Where I Do I Locate?
  • Specific Curriculum Information and Pastoral Care information (with sub-school areas and direct links)
  • Assessment Calendars (see under Year Level Curriculum pages and search for "Assessment Calendars"  for Secondary Indooroopilly
    Please contact the Subject or Form Teacher for additional information regarding assessment.
College Life on Firefly
Make a Payment or Add Funds to My Student Account
  • My Student Account - currently you are able to access MSA on The Community Portal and via myStPeters
    My Student Account - Login to myStPeters use your parent ID and password, and navigate to the My Student Account tab

Login to The Community Portal to access the following: 

Community Portal (use ID and password)
  • Read more about The Community Portal here and see directions for logging in.
  • Login using your parent ID and password 
    The Community Portal
Access the following on The Community Portal

Firefly or The Community Portal Assistance

How To

Portal Support Contacts

 If you are experiencing difficulty related to your ID and password, you may need to reset your password to access your account. 

Password Recovery & Reset your Password:

Step 1. Use the link to get a 1-time password to access your account Password Recovery

Step 2:  You will then need to reset your password using the link  Reset Password

Contact Portals for further assistance with account access for the Community Portal.


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