Secondary years uses two providers for students’ stationery and book requirements. Sequel for  stationery and novels, and Box of Books for physical and digital education resources (textbooks). Together, these will provide all your student’s school needs.

Year 11 Unit 3 and 4 Booklist items are to be ordered before 9 September 2022. 

Deadlines for 2023 orders with physical items delivered before the 2023 school year are:

  • Sequel - 18 December, 2022
  • Box of Books - 9 December, 2022

Details for these two suppliers are provided below.

Frequently asked Questions for Box of Books are listed at the bottom of this page. There are also additional FAQs available on the Accessing Electronic Textbooks page (requires a student or parent Firefly login to access).

Sequel Orders

Secure online ordering instructions:

  1. Select the booklist below
  2. Select your confirmed subjects and enter the quantity of materials you require. 
  3. Add selected to cart and select Checkout Now
  4. Complete your details for Billing Information, Shipping Method & Payment details

Receiving your orders:

See Shipping and delivery details. There is also a Click and Collect option.

If you have more than one student at the school, select CONTINUE SHOPPING before proceeding to the checkout. 

Please check the items in your checkout as edits cannot be made to orders once finalised.

Ordering via email:

You can also order via email to (orders via email must be prefilled online lists, saved as student name.PDF, versions of the “Print Booklist” online).

For more information and any questions, please contact Sequel directly using the details below:

Email or Phone 3177 3331

Box of Books Orders

Please note: if your student does not have the digital version through Box of Books then they will not have access to the additional resources and enhancements made to the texts from the school teachers.

Students that have acquired physical books second-hand, may still need to have a digital version of the text on Box of Books or a reactivation code (if supported by the publisher) to access online resources and publisher platform accounts.

Steps to order:

  1. Visit Box of Books Shop to log into your existing parent/guardian account or create a new account if it is your first purchase. Parents do not need to have a St Peters account in order to purchase.
  2. Add each student, with their email address: (you can choose "Not Sure" if you don't know their email address - this number was included in your subject allocation email) and nominate school, add the student name and year group.
  3. Select the items you wish to purchase from the booklist shown
  4. Use the checkout to organise postage direct to your nominated address and complete payment

Physical items are delivered to your nominated shipping address.

For further assistance, please see this short informative guide on How to Purchase Books or contact the Box of Books team through the in-app support function (located at the bottom right corner of the shop).

For common questions and queries by phone : 1800326657 (1800ebooks) or email:

A PDF copy of each Year level's booklist is available below as a reference (note: this were accurate at time of upload)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a student has a second-hand book?

For many texts the options of a digital reactivation code was listed in the BoB booklist to account for second-hand purchases and to digital access to the books. BoB can only provide this for publishers that allow this option. Where publishers allow, a reactivation code option is listed in the BoB bookshop for parents that have sourced a second-hand copy of the text.

Please note if your student does not have the digital version through Box of Books, they will not have access to the additional resources and enhancements made to the texts by teachers. Also, they will have to manage separate logins to the texts.

What if a student has a code from somewhere else?

If they have not purchased through BoB the book won't be in their bookbox. To use digital resources with the publisher, they will have to create an account through the publisher website directly. This will also mean that they will not be able to use the teacher created additions to the text on Box of Books.

How do students see their books?

There is a link to Box of Books on the Firefly dashboard. It can also be accessed directly using the steps below.

  1. Navigate at and click on the Sign In button on the top right of the screen.
  2. Type in your student email address and press enter and it will identify your school. Click on the link to St Peters.
  3. Press Sign In. If you are already logged in to your St Peters Microsoft account it will take you to your Book Box, otherwise you will need to enter your password.
Note: students need their St Peters Microsoft account to be active before they can log in. Parents of new students receive instructions on this process within 1 month of their child's commencement at the College. Purchase made before account activation are still processed but not accessible under login is finalised.